1st Walters Ash Brownies descend on the Fire Section


On Monday 10th October 2011,1st Walters Ash (RAF Station) Brownies visited the Station Fire Section to complete their Fire Safety badge.

24 girls on a trip to a Fire Station will inevitably be hyper-active and I’m not sure if the Fire Crew knew what had hit them.
Ray Holliman kicked off the evening by navigating the girls through the clauses of the badges.  The Fire Safety badge does exactly what it suggests, helping the girls to understand what to do in the event of a fire and how to prevent them in the first place, including testing a smoke alarm, having a home escape plan, making an emergency call and how to Stop, Drop and Roll.  He patiently fielded the many random questions, like how to save your fish in the event of a fire, and the inevitable fire-related stories about how so-and-so’s Dad had set something on fire.  The girls learnt valuable information that may one day save their lives.

Nick (Polly) Perkins, Rod Nash, Simon O’Brien and Tom Honey then took the girls for 2 hands-on activities: using the water-hose and putting out a fire.  Brownies and fire is not normally something any Brown Owl (leader) would  contemplate!  My heart raced as each girl stepped forward to take their turn, but I knew the girls were in safe hands.

Tom won most of the girls’ hearts as he helped them mischievously spray water over cars, windows, trees and whatever else took their fancy!

To finish the girls enjoyed a tour round the Fire Engine, taking it in turns to sit in the cabin, and requesting a demonstration of the full lights and sirens display.

We departed into the night leaving behind a rather shell-shocked Red Watch.  A big thank you to all involved.
Lastly, a plea!  GirlGuiding UK is run by volunteers and are always looking for help Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Senior Section Units.  Whatever amount of time you can donate will help more girls get the opportunity to be involved.  If you are interested, please log on to http://www.girlguiding.org.uk/get_involved.aspx .