A week in the life of the new RAF Regional Liaison Officer London & South East

So you think you need the RAFRLO?  If your role on Station is involved in Post Crash Management, UK Resilience Operations, Business Continuity, Contingency Planning, Arms Control or Nuclear Emergency Response Organisation, then you may wish to make contact with me to discuss further.

There is no such thing as a standard week for me…

Monday is a day in the office at RAF Northolt to catch up with emails and writing presentations for the rest of the week.  There are 9 RAFRLOs in the UK, and our borders generally mirror the Army Regional Forces.  I have 3 Joint Regional Liaison Officers in my region that I work with on a daily basis – 2 Bde, 45 Bde and LONDIST. Today I am approached by the Civilian Police regarding the use of defence estate and infrastructure to assist in a police operation.  This is known as Training and Logistical Support to the Civil Power (part of Military Aid to the Civil Authorities) and I am the POC for this sort of request.  On Tuesday I’m on the road to RAF Benson to participate as EXCON in their Post Crash Management LIVEX.  As a RAFRLO I have the opportunity to offer best practise to units, as I have assisted in many LIVEXs including the planning and execution.

Wednesday sees me on the road again to Brize Norton to deliver a presentation on their monthly Silver Commander Training.  There has been such an increase in personnel based at Brize Norton and, with such a high turnover, the Station deliver monthly training to ensure that Silver Commanders and their COS’ are fully aware of the implications of serving at a Lead Post Crash Management Unit and also a Unit that is a Top Tier Site for the purposes of Major Accident Control Regulations.  The County Council Emergency Planning Officer and Oxon Fire and Rescue also present on the course.

On Thursday I head off to Shrivenham to deliver a RAFRLO presentation on the Aircraft Post Crash Management Incident Officers Course.  The course is run every 4-6 weeks, and is designed for those personnel who will be required to be on the Station Incident Officer roster or those posts in command of such personnel.  The RAFRLOs deliver a presentation to explain the role of the civilian emergency services and the local authorities.  On Friday I meet the new 145X JRLO who has just arrived in post and brief him on the RAFRLO role and the assets that we have in the London and South East region.  Hopefully it will be a quiet weekend with no call outs.

Smart Number: 96670 1227 or 0306 7701227
Mobile Number: 07770 721494
Email: air-ops2gp-a5rafrlolonandse@mod.uk