Action 4 Youth

The Inspiration Programme – Visit to RAF High Wycombe

The 8-9 November 2017 saw RAF High Wycombe host Military engagements with the ‘Action 4 Youth’ Inspiration Programme.

The course is designed to broaden the horizons, thinking and experience of young people in our communities; it aims to make young people aware of how communities and society work in order for them to understand their place in it and reach their potential.

The group of around 30 students that visited RAF High Wycombe came from colleges and academies spread across the Aylesbury and Milton Keynes areas. Throughout the day they enjoyed exercises and challenges that included exposure to the Heritage of RAF High Wycombe and in particular an enjoyable tour of the Sir Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris War room and tunnels led by Mr Brown and Mrs Bedborough. This was followed by an understanding of RAF Force Protection, delivered by the RAF High Wycombe Regiment Flight, where they assimilated some basic weapon training before testing their new skills and accuracy under supervision in the DCCT.

Problem solving for prizes using time/distance/speed scenarios held their attention over lunch which was quickly followed by practical teambuilding exercises in the Gym led by the TDF team; this allowed each group of young people to explore self-awareness in a safe environment. The final element of the day was with the PEd Flight where the students learned about physical wellbeing and the links between relieving stress through exercise resulting in an improved state of mind. Naturally this was followed by a session where the young people experienced the kind of robust training service personnel enjoy!

Each day received very encouraging feedback from the students and staff and has been held up as the example for other Service establishments to copy. Our thanks go to all of the Service and Civilian staff at RAF High Wycombe who delivered interesting and stimulating opportunities to these inquisitive and energetic young people.

The Station is looking forward to hosting 4 more groups throughout 2018, if you would like to help then please contact the Station Training Officer.

Flt Lt Davies