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New Kitchen & Dining Room

In February 2010 a new kitchen and dining room project commenced at RAF High Wycombe with a wing of the Sgts’ Mess being demolished, assisted by Gp Capt Radcliffe, then Stn Cdr RAF High Wycombe, who pulled down the first […]

Charity Band Night

By kind permission of the Stn Cdr RAF High Wycombe, Gp Capt Mark Heffron, the first RAF High Wycombe Charity Band Night was staged by Serco, ESS and the Smithy’s Committee at  the newly renovated Oakeshott Centre, In the welfare […]

Rugby for Heroes Comedy Night

On 8th June 2011, the Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess here at RAF High Wycombe held a Comedy Night in support of the charity Rugby for Heroes. Cpl Fran Porter from the DATO office was approached and kindly liaised with […]


If you are reading this over breakfast, please don’t choke. I have always been careful of what I put in my compost heaps. Gardening books exhorted me to put newspapers in with all of the other material such as green […]

The Ice Van Cometh

Does the RAF have the manpower available at RAF High Wycombe to support another small scale operation? Would free ice-cream encourage deployment of personnel on a sun-soaked afternoon, or would the westerly winds and persistent precipitation of a Great British […]

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