Editor’s Foreword

wycombe-helen-jordanChanges are taking place. I have managed to avoid having my photo to accompany my foreword for 2 years, but now I have an editorial team and they have ‘persuaded’ me that it’s important for readers to see who I am.

Also, as well as having a new-look front cover, Wycombe World has gone green, which means the whole magazine can be recycled, rather than the glossy cover having to be removed beforehand.  So, it all makes sense – more paper recycled and the elimination of the time-consuming process of ripping off the cover. The plan was to have some articles with a ‘green’ theme to herald the change, but they seem to be a bit thin on the ground, well, basically, non-existent! But we have plenty of other great articles for you to read and we hope to get some ‘green-themed’ ones for future issues, and this is where you come in. Have you ‘gone green’? What are you doing to save the planet? Are you composting? Do you only use your car at weekends? Do you have any advice to help other readers to ‘go/be green’? Write and let me know. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy article, even a helpful snippet will do.

Another exciting development is that we are going on-line, which will enable us to reach about 1,000 more readers, including people in theatre, without destroying any more trees! Watch out for the link on the Station website.

By Helen Jordan