Jingle all the way!

RAF High Wycombe Ladies Choir record for BFBS radio show. On Thursday 24th January, 17 members of the RAF High Wycombe Ladies Choir took up an exciting invitation to visit BFBS HQ to record jingles in the studio for a new radio show.

BFBS Producer Nicky Smith approached the Choir as BFBS Radio Presenter Richard Hatch wanted to do something different for his forthcoming new show. “I’ll be taking over as presenter of the DAB breakfast show on the 4th March and with the current wave of military choirs sweeping the country, I thought it would be fun to ask them to sing the jingles,” said Richard.  “The choir had a great time – they just laughed all day! It was actually very hard to stop them singing. I also did an interview on air and they recorded some messages for loved ones on Ops and back at RAF High Wycombe.”

The choir certainly did have a great time!  After meeting Richard Hatch and the production team for the day, our Musical Director (MD) Megan Tanner, BFBS Producer Andrew and Recording Technician Mel had a chat to plan the morning’s schedule.  This gave the ladies an opportunity to take it all in and realise that this was it; they were set to record the jingles which the Armed Forces will wake up to in March!  No pressure then…

Choir member and coordinator Emma Cheedy said “After warming up our vocals we got down to the business of recording and I won’t lie, it was hard work.  Hard, but immensely enjoyable, fun and what an experience! “ During a break mid-morning a few of the ladies were interviewed by Richard for his show that afternoon.  Emma went on to say “it is very difficult to describe exactly what went on in that studio. It is a case of ‘you had to be there at the time’ or listen to the clip on our FB page to understand just how much the laughing, the comedy warm up involving Richard and comments from the ladies turned out.”  Needless to say the ladies managed to say hello to their friends on operational deployments, to the ladies who couldn’t take part due to work, illness or family commitments and to give a very special thank you to Group Captain Mark Heffron, Station Commander RAF High Wycombe for all of his support to the choir.

Megan Tanner, the choir’s MD said “It was a super opportunity and experience for the ladies to go to BFBS and record the jingles. The first time in a studio is strange and one can be slightly apprehensive when faced with a microphone, however I was really impressed with the professionalism, energy and attitude of the choir and they produced excellent work. It was unforgettable and great to work with such a lovely bunch of people at BFBS.”

Making the most of the day, the ladies got a tour of BFBS HQ and a chance for some to play a part in Presenter Charlene Guy’s late afternoon show.

Choir member Wendy Dyne summed up what the experience meant: “Being a Forces wife, it was an honour.  BFBS has been a big part of all our lives and brings the community together when living overseas.  It was an amazing day; like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and wouldn’t have done so if it wasn’t for being part of our choir.”

Choir Co-ordinator, Emma Cheedy finally added, “BFBS Radio is Forces radio, our radio station, and it is great to be part of it. Thank you to BFBS for having us and for the amazing opportunity to record the jingles.  We hope you like them as much as we do!”

BFBS listeners will be able to hear the fresh jingles on Richard Hatch’s new breakfast show.

The RAF High Wycombe Ladies Choir was formed in June 2012 and currently has 25 members. It is a community choir open to all wives, girlfriends, daughters, servicewomen and civil servants based at High Wycombe. With the main aim of bringing the Service community at High Wycombe together whilst having fun, the choir raises money for the many worthwhile causes the Station supports. The choir meets at 7pm every Wednesday at the Station Church, No.3 Site, RAF High Wycombe. No previous singing experience is needed, just the desire to give it a go and have fun. Contact the choir via email RAFHWLadiesChoir@gmail.com, or on Facebook RAF HW Ladies Choir and Twitter @RAFHWLadiesChoi  Our new website is coming soon! ν