Jumping for the boys

In August and October this year, a group of 9 people took part in a tandem sky dive in aid of the charity Help for Heroes. It was a mixed group, comprising civilian and military personnel, including four members of RAF High Wycombe and two MPGS High Wycombe.

My journey started at 4am on August 25th, as I headed to the North London Sky Dive Centre in Cambridge, where all 9 participants met up to carry out our sky dive. Some of us were terrified, some of us were excited. I am unsure as to which category I fell into, if I’m honest.

On arrival, we were separated into 2 groups and taken through the tutorials. Then it was just a waiting game.

Our turn was delayed due to heavy cloud.  Our group, consisting of Tony Pickard (event organiser), LCPL Chris Lunnon, Corporal James Randall Cox , SAC Dave Bolton, and myself, Pte Scott Whitehead, was finally called. Each of us was paired up with an instructor to jump with and, after getting kitted out, we made our way to the plane. We finally took off and I can safely say I was nervous by this point. As the first green light went, the first pair jumped, then it was my turn and before I could prepare myself, there was no choice… we had gone.

It did not feel like we were falling. Raindrops were stinging my neck as we went through the clouds and there was just a feeling of speed. Nothing more, nothing less. The parachute was then pulled and we floated through a gap in the clouds, spinning and spinning to avoid the person below us. I lifted my legs and we landed. Although somewhat nauseous from the spinning, this was a truly amazing experience.

Sadly, the other group, consisting of CPL Chris Nubz, SAC Andy Parry, Kirsty Kerkham, and Paul Kerkham  did not get to jump that day, due to the bad weather homing in, but they later returned on the 4th October and all successfully completed their jump.

Altogether we have raised over £800 and still collecting donations. This was a fantastic opportunity for us all and a whole lot of fun was had by all who took part.