Monopoly Challenge London

UK SPOC Force Development Event – Monopoly Challenge London

On 19 May 2021, personnel from the UK Space Operations Centre (UK SpOC) conducted a Force Development day by taking part in the RAF Monopoly Challenge in London. Following the latest easing of restrictions by the government, and with group activities now permitting 12, members from the unit and the Station Training Officer, Fg Off Duncan, travelled to London to attempt the challenge.

The challenge required personnel to plan and navigate a route around central London, with the aim of visiting as many locations from a standard Monopoly board as possible. The party was split into two teams, lead by LAC Jude Brown and LAC Andrew Abili, and sent on their way to complete the challenge. Teams were awarded points for each location they visited, with photographic evidence required. Rules dictated that teams would suffer points ‘fines’ for photos that included buses, pigeons or taxis, a big consideration in a city famed on its red buses!

Furthermore, mandatory locations of RAF sites of significance including the RAF, Bomber Command and Battle of Britain Memorials, Churchill statue and St Clement Dane’s Church allowed the teams to score bonus points by completing an Air Power ‘quiz’.

Teams made their way around London by underground, bus and foot, with a time limit of five hours, meaning locations and routes had to be prioritised to maximise points. Both teams put in a great effort and managed to visit a large number of locations in the allocated time, but as always there had to be a winner. This accolade went to the team of LACs Brown and Drummond, SACs Kirk and Cupit and Fg Off Duncan (not a fix!).
This was the Station’s first Force Development event since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and as many of the participants joined the RAF during the pandemic, this was their first exposure to FD. Enjoyed by all, it was a great opportunity to explore some of the historically significant sites in London whilst developing teamwork, leadership, management and navigational skills.

The event reiterated the importance of Force Development within the military and attendees experienced the positive effects such events can have on mental health and morale, with many of the participants, who were conducting FD for the first time, already planning their next event!

SAC Jonathan Cupit