Padre’s Ponderings – Spaces

Space…what to do with it!? The church has very recently had a bit of a refurb. It’s been painted, had a kitchen sink put in and a toilet…we’ve got some new sofas, curtains and the fluffiest of fluffiest rugs! It’s a space which has had some TLC and attention so that it’s available for people to use as they may need. When I was frolicking through the IKEA website, the church community and I were choosing colours and I was devouring Grand Designs episodes (purely for research of course!) it got me thinking about space and how we use it.

In the church we have the front bit (what I like to refer to where the holy stuff predominately happens), there’s the seating, the children’s play area, the sofas and the space for teas and coffees…I like everything to have it’s place and I also recognise how we as people relate space to certain events/activities/emotions/tasks and safety. For a lot of us, throughout the last year, space has not been as clearly defined. Our dining room tables have become the classroom, office and eating area. Our bedrooms have been invaded by a laptop and a desk and chair (if you’re lucky). Our homes, where we lay our heads, have become like a Swiss army knife with all these multipurpose-s…some of which don’t fit as snugly as we would like.

We haven’t been able to compartmentalise our spaces as much as we would have liked or usually do…for some this has been uncomfortable, for others helpful, how has it been for you? What things are you going to keep from you ‘Swiss-army-knife-way of living’, what thing’s can you not wait to be able to use that specific single purpose tool (place) for?

And how has it been in your head space?
As we physically have been blurring the lines between home/work/social/schooling/phys and sleep into one space…what lines have been blurred in your headspace. Have some of the neat ways in which we used to compartmentalise things in our head been breached? Your identity at work blurring with who you are at home? Feeling battered from not being able to give 100% to anything? The usual things which would replenish your resilience running on empty or not happening? How ordered or comfortably chaotic does your headspace feel at the moment?

Perhaps, as we come out of the worst of this pandemic, now is a time to think about how we will go forward using the physical space around us, but it’s also a time to look at how the furniture is rearranged in our headspace…time for a declutter, to reinstate some healthy compartmentalisation and what new things would you like to keep in there?
If you want to talk through any of these things then please give me or SSAFA a shout.

Padre Chrissie Lacey.