PEd Flt – Sport returns

We are back!

The PEd Flt is delighted to be back open for the re-introduction of Group indoor circuits and Sport.

The last few months have been challenging for not only individuals’ physical activity but also mental health. We are extremely proud of the service we provided for all our gym members and their families. This can only happen with your participation and enthusiasm; we say Thank You to all our wonderful members and we look forward to thrashing training you in the gym.
What’s Been Happening?
12-Week Training Program
Personnel were given the opportunity to take part in a PEd 12-week Instructor led program. The aim of the program was to educate personnel on how to plan their training for progression, rest and competition. In total 24 personnel volunteered, all were split into 3 groups of 8 and then each group allocated an instructor.

Personnel completed a questionnaire and welcome interview to help identify training goals. Each participant received individual coaching and online program checks with their coach setting up a WhatsApp group to keep on top of communication and banter.

Every 3 weeks personnel competed in a group challenge workout with the PTI, which was a great morale boost and hard work.

The program proved highly effective (demonstrated from personnel objective measures), but a big take home for the coaches was the power of a unified group. The WhatsApp group alone was a great driving force for personnel to stay consistent with their program. For some, it would be the difference between training and not training.
Although it went very well, it was an experiment for the PEd team, with some key learning points. With that in mind, we are incredibly pleased to announce that we will be going for a Round 2! We are currently in design of a new and improved 12-week program; please keep monitoring our Sharepoint and Facebook sites.

Well done, Teams

Gym Kit Loan
From January to present the PEd Flt continue to commit to ensuring that personnel have the kit they need to keep fit. Personnel were loaned a maximum 3 items of kit to ensure they were able to keep fit. Additional to this, they were supplied with programs and 1:1 virtual training where required.

CO’s Cup Taster
Although CO’s Cup is postponed, we could not resist organising a taster sport afternoon of Frisbee and Handball. With all restrictions put in place, the competition showed an impressive turn out with 6 teams including subs.
Each team drew into a league and played a Round Robin at each sport. All scores were recorded in an overall league.
Congratulations to first place team “Seb the SAT and SPOC” – closely followed in second place team “We Catch Anything”.

Bring on the next tournament!

Hello / Goodbye
The PEd Flt is sad to say goodbye to Cpl Scott Worthing. He is now on his FDI (Force Development Instructor) course at Grantown on Spey in Scotland. Over the last 2 years his hard work and pro-activity has been a significant contribution to the PEd Flt output. Some of his most memorable moments include a 24 hour Tri-Athlon and ‘insane’ 48 hour Charity run, of which he, of course, completed. His ambition and drive excelled the PEd Flt in using virtual platforms and exercise education.

Thanks Scott; Good Luck for the future.

As of May 3rd, we have been blessed with a new PTI, Cpl Lucy Gunson. She has arrived straight from Phase 2 training at RAF Cosford as part of PTIC 102. She says:
“I am very excited to start my career as a PTI here at RAF High Wycombe. I grew up locally in Buckinghamshire and have known that I’ve wanted to be a PTI since I was 13 years old. I love nothing more than creating, practicing, and instructing sessions for people, as some of you who come to my circuits have already experienced.
I spend most of my free time training, hoping to compete in CrossFit, Powerlifting and hockey. If you see me in the gym please feel free to come chat, or even jump in on a session.

I look forward to seeing you all in the gym and seeing all of what RAF High Wycombe has to offer”.

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