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Where do we start? … During the many days of lockdown your PEd Flt has been hard at work, providing tough home workouts, fun challenges, promoting important events and charities, and helping with Covid-19 duties.
The team at Hwy PEd Flt has delivered over 50 home workouts during lockdown, with a mix of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), body-weight circuits, core and mobility, and a faster 5km running programme.

They distributed gym equipment to benefit just short of a 100 Stn personnel, to make sure they could stay fit and well over lockdown.

Some of the favourite home exercises included Cpl Alex Joyce’s April Fool’s workout with his trademark “slug” exercise and Cpl Scott Worthing’s rendition of the “Greatest Showman”, where he dazzled the PEd Facebook group with his sparkly coat and Mr Motivator spandex- not leaving much to the imagination.

We set many challenges over this period, with £10 Amazon gift vouchers up for grabs for the winners. There was the “Dowel Mobility Challenge”, “Home Olympics”, “Most burpees in 1 minute” and many more. It was great to see so many people get involve and have fun.
Throughout lockdown HWY PEd team helped to promote events such as World Health Day and VE Day 75th Burpee Challenge, where Sgt Cat Beaver completed an eye watering 6 lots of 75 burpees in an hour.

They helped to promote Mental Health Week which affected many during lockdown. Individuals had time to reflect as a family and work unit, and as an individual, especially those in stuck SLA.

Once lockdown eased, PEd Flt did not stop there, and continued to provide Health and Well-being and admin to get the gyms back open.

We started off by providing a collection service to those that had loaned out gym equipment and were unable to bring it back to the gym. The PTI’s were very generously rewarded for their efforts with their favourite treats… biscuits.

The PEd team then jumped into action doing what it does best, conducting challenging and exciting outdoor sessions at Medmenham and on the 3 Site Sports pitches which were well attended, and we saw lots of new faces get involved.

Currently most of the gyms have opened with mitigations in place. We thank the users for adhering to the new rules to ensure everyone stays safe and we remain open.

Thank you for your support in these challenging times. Stay safe and well.
Viribus Audax.

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