RAF Benevolent Fund Bulletin

The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund (RAF BF) is the RAF’s leading charity, providing financial, practical and emotional support to all members of the RAF Family from childhood through to old age.

What do you mean by the RAF Family?
The RAF BF has a proud tradition of looking after it’s own from all those who are serving in the RAF, all those that have previously served, and their wives, husbands, partners, and young dependants too. For over 90 years the RAF BF has been there to provide assistance with a wide range of issues; from childcare and relationship difficulties to injury and disability, and from financial hardship and debt to illness and bereavement.

The RAF BF helps tens of thousands every year and with the pace of recent operational commitments this challenge has not changed.

But what does this mean in real support terms?
Airplay and Airplay Youth Support– a project supporting children and young people growing up on RAF stations. The Fund has helped to build and equip 27 childcare centre’s, equating to over 1800 childcare places. In addition, the Fund provides play parks and trained youth workers on stations to help keep children/teenagers safely occupied.

Debt and Money Advice – In partnership with the Royal British Legion, the Fund provides a fast track, specialist benefits and money advice service, through Citizens Advice Bureau, nationwide.

Relationship Counseling for RAF couples. The Fund will pay for up to 6 confidential relationship counseling sessions with Relate. See your OC PSF/WO PSF/Chf Clk or Stn welfare services for more details.

Welfare Breaks – The Fund offers subsidised short breaks for serving families at Shencot and Seacot Houses on the West Sussex Coast. If available these houses can also be used for FD/Team building activities.

And much more….

They spend over £20million each year supporting over 60,000 people, and they rely on your help and support to make it all happen.

What about more locally?
In 2012 the RAF BF dealt with 27 individual cases at RAF HWY which equated to over £190,000 worth of support. In addition, to the individual cases that are considered the RAF BF also funds a Station Youth Worker and ongoing Airplay activities. Furthermore, this year the Fund will begin the extension project to Red Kites Nursery, at a cost of over £350,000.

However, none of this is possible without your support – They are an independent charity and receive no government funding. But rest assured, 88 pence in every pound donated goes directly to support the RAF family!!!

How can I help?
RAF High Wycombe has a RAF BF Committee that you could get involved in or contact to see what events are being run locally or even nationally. Current members are as follows:

Flt Lt Taylor OIC
Sqn Ldr Hough Dep OIC
Air-Ops2Gp-A6 Combat Sys SO2
Cpl Devitt Publicity
Cpl Hamilton Newsletter
Coord Air-COSPers-Pol RAF PRU JNCO
Cpl Smyth Secretary
HWY-Adm Wg A1 Staneval Spt JNCO
SAC Monan Dep Publicity
HWY-Adm Wg PSF PD Clk 6 SL-Z
SAC Oughton Sports Rep
HWY-Adm Wg A1Staneval Spt SAC 2
Sgt Dearlove Member
SAC Hawke Member

Past events have included:

Bake Sale – Raising £291

Live Music Event 2 May 13
– Attended by over 80 people raising £367.61

Newcastle United & QPR football match collection 12 May 13 – over £460 raised.

Pole Force Event 05 Jun 13 – This event will be taking place at the time of press.


Upcoming events:

Summer family BBQ and sporting event (in planning) – so keep an eye out for further details.

Let your Station RAF BF Committee know if you plan to raise money for this worthwhile charity and they may be able to support you.

A massive thank you from the Committee to everyone who has supported any of our past events, and we look forward to seeing you at another event soon! ν