RAF High Wycombe embraces olympic spirit

On 28th June sportsmen and women of RAF High Wycombe embraced the Olympic spirit by competing in various sporting events for their CO’s Cup.  

It could almost have taken place in Ancient Greece, with the sun’s dazzling rays warming spectators and making the job of the competitors somewhat more arduous. Flight Sergeant Andy Finlay, supporting the event from the sidelines said:

“What a cracking turnout, I applied (unsuccessfully) for the Velodrome and the Opening Ceremony for the London Games – watching my mates compete with the same competitive edge as our professional athletes is so much more fun.”

The Station has been extremely busy over the last twelve months, supporting Op ELLAMY over the skies of Libya, continuing efforts in the stabilisation of Afghanistan, supporting local and national Diamond Jubilee events and many Station personnel have been employed in various roles supporting the London games. This was a great chance for the Station to come together and enjoy some light-hearted sport in the Olympic Spirit.

The efforts made by Sgt Daz Milam and his team of PTI’s were rewarded with a turnout of over 100 competitors. The support given to the event by Station and HQ Air Command staff resulted in a highly successful games. PEdO at RAF High Wycombe, Flt Lt Hamish Pearson said:

“This is a huge year for sport in the country and RAF High Wycombe embraces that. The events that the PTI’s have laid on today are intended to provide a glimpse of Olympic events throughout the history of the games – we have everything from the Standing High Jump to Mountain Biking.