RAF High Wycombe enjoys a free brew

Two years ago the Rare Tea Company created a bespoke blend of tea for the RAF and this year they gave away 4000 tins to serving RAF men and women – equivalent of 160,000 cups or 40,000 litres.

This is enough for over a litre of tea for every member of The Royal Air Force. Needless to say the staff at RAF High Wycombe snapped them up, and have been enjoying the tea ever since!

The Rare Tea Company is a small, independent company based in London. It was founded in 2004 by Henrietta Lovell to source and supply the world’s best tea – direct from farmers and their tea gardens. The Royal Air Force Tea started life as a bespoke blend made for Flt Lt Terry Clark, a Bristol Beaufighter air gunner who fought in the Battle of Britain and throughout WWII. The RAF asked Henrietta Lovell, creator of the blend, to make it on a larger scale for them.

“I first created this tea for a wonderful man called Terry Clark, a veteran of the Battle of Britain. It was a great honour and pleasure to meet him; it was an even greater honour to make tea for him.  Terry thought it was rather good, so I’ve been making it for him ever since. And then I got a call from the RAF, so we thought you might like it too,”  said Henrietta.