RAF High Wycombe Supports NHS in COVID-19 Front Line Operations

TWELVE personnel from RAF High Wycombe’s Military Co-Responder scheme have been activated to support South Central Ambulance Service under Op RESCRIPT. These personnel would normally volunteer one of their evenings a week to man the Rapid Response Vehicles in support of the Service, now they will be working full time alongside Paramedics, Patient Transport Service (PTS) and manning the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).
All personnel from RAF High Wycombe have received an accelerated training package. For some this was a three-day response driving course in the Ambulances, some have started the 4-week C1 Ambulance driving course, 1-day PTS patient handling course or a 1-day training package for the EOC.

Duties will vary for all personnel depending on qualifications and experience: dual crewing the frontline ambulances, driving and supporting critical life-saving treatment, supporting the PTS by manning their transport vehicles supplying medical care to those to and from hospital, and manning the EOC dispatching ambulances to those who need them.
The team have taken all the duties in their stride and as we see the COVID-19 situation develop they will
be on the “front line” alongside their colleagues from the NHS.

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