RAFA round up

Note from the OiC
2012 was a fantastic year for the RAFA Committee, led by WO Caswell who, sadly, is about to leave the Service in the coming months – we thank him for his significant efforts in moulding a fine team. In 2013, we intend to continue to raise the profile of the outstanding work of the Association and welcome your continued generosity, support and membership of your Service charity. Please watch out for our events throughout the year.

Cycling the length of the country
Thanks once again to the generosity of RAF High Wycombe and Air Command personnel, the RAFA Cycleathon held in Hurricane Block reception on Thur 31 Jan 13 raised £750.  The intent was to cycle the equivalent distance of Land’s End to John O’Groats with an impressive distance of 950km covered during the event which ran from 0800-1600 hrs.  Whilst mainly a fundraising committee led activity (thanks to FS Neil Thomas, Sgt Mick Welsh,

Cpl Emma Slessor, SAC Ali Seymour and SAC Andy Parry) many other RAFA committee members got involved, ensuring the success of the day.  Many thanks to all who either cycled or donated on the day.

Goodbye Phil
This month we see our OiC, WO Phil Caswell, handing over the reigns to Sqn Ldr Ady Morris.  Phil has achieved remarkable results over the past year, with his leadership and direction encouraging the committee to achieve national recognition with 3 awards. I am sure the whole Station would join me in wishing Phil the very best for his future as he leaves the service.

Membership and Recruitment
What a wonderful year for RAFA recruitment at RAF High Wycombe.  Thanks to the way in which the unit has embraced our service charity, RAF High Wycombe has won the Marquis of Amodio Trophy awarded to the Stn/Unit recruiting the highest number of new members.  The membership team, led by Sgt Joanne Bevan, was omnipresent throughout 2012 and managed to recruit an impressive 54 new RAFA members.  The first drive of 2013 saw even more new members recruited and an impressive £194.35 raised (RAFA Rubber ducks are popping up everywhere) When you see the team about please enquire as to membership and help us win the prize for 2013!

RAF High Wycombe recognition
The RAF High Wycombe RAFA Committee were recently honoured with The Sir Geoffrey Bromet Trophy for the most exceptional achievement by an RAF Stn in support of RAFA – 2012.  This is no doubt in recognition of the exceptional funds raised by the team last year, huge recruitment figures and success in raising awareness of RAFA through initiatives such as the round region cycle ride by our own Sqn Ldr Ady Morris.

Gate collection
A severe frost and biting wind did not deter our collectors on the gates of Site 1 and 3 on the morning of 11 Mar. An impressive £262.89 was raised in near arctic conditions – well done to all involved and many thanks to all who donated – even winding down the car window was a big ask on such a cold day!

Future events
Fancy running 5K and paying a fiver for the pleasure? Thought so. In May 13 we will be hosting the 5K for a fiver challenge.  FS Neil Thomas is currently in training to recce the course; details will follow as soon as we have them.

On a final note…
The committee are always looking to bolster volunteers on Station.  Do you feel you have some capacity to commit to a couple of hours a month helping our service charity? Please contact the OiC if you feel you are the right person to add value to this thriving and successful committee.

Total Sum raised by RAFA at RAF High Wycombe in 2012 was £19,505.65.