RAFA Round-up

It was a great privilege to be one of the 4 RAFALOs collecting 2 prestigious awards, on behalf of the Station, at this year’s Annual Conference at Eastbourne. 

This was, sadly, my last official duty as I move over to MOD in July, however I believe that your RAFALO Committee is in great shape to continue to promote the outstanding contribution that the Royal Air Forces Association makes to the RAF Family. Thank you for all your support during my tenure as OIC.

RAFA Conference Eastbourne 2013
This year’s annual RAFA conference was held in sunny Eastbourne and attending on behalf of RAF High Wycombe RAFLO’s were Cpl Emma Slessor and Cpl Steve Monks. The conference was held over three days, the RAFLO’s on the first day brainstormed idea’s and shared experiences of individual stations. After a “few” drinks on the first evening the main event happened on the Saturday in the Winter Gardens. On Sunday a parade was held on the seafront ending with a flypast from a Spitfire. The High Wycombe team picked up two awards this year for best overall effort from a RAF station and most members recruited in a calendar year. It was a fantastic weekend for RAFLO’s and RAFA branch members to meet and forge new friendships.

RAF 95th Anniversary Party
On Friday 19th April RAF High Wycombe families accommodated at Medmenham gathered to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the Royal Air Force. Marking the occasion with an evening of entertainment provided by a culmination of resident DJs at the Danesfield Arms Families and Fitness Suite, around 100 adults and children enjoyed an evening packed with a fun quiz, a variety of games and a disco.  Adults were fuelled by a hot buffet supper of homemade curries, lasagne and chilli provided by both Committee Members and loyal supporters of the Club and the Children were treated with pizzas mostly kindly donated by Dominos Pizza; the evening was an outstanding success.  Whilst the theme of the evening was 95 years of the Royal Air Force, the event also raised £435 for RAFA through a raffle organised by Geordie Lawson and his wife Karen.  The couple were instrumental in its success but sincere thanks also extend to pretty much all members of the Committee and a great support from several of the spouses who were brilliant in obtaining prizes and selling tickets.  Thanks go to local businesses in Henley and Marlow and beyond who supported this worthwhile cause by donating over 50 prizes, including karting sessions, spa treatment days, cream teas and golf packages to name but a few.

RAFA Fun Run
What a great concept – 5k for a fiver.  All the RAFA team needed now was lots of willing participants and, dare to dream, a bit of sunny weather. The Gods were smiling on us on the day and the Station sports fields were invaded by most superheros and other random arrays of fancy dress. Over 50 runners, joggers and even two walkers with their dogs – RAFA supports Equal Opportunities and has no issues with taking a crisp fiver off two pregnant girls!  Over £250 raised in the afternoon sunshine.  Well done to all involved!

The Night St Trinians came to the Danesfield Arms
Another use for the Danesfield Arms recently was placated both the women and men who live at Medmenham for different reasons.

Whilst some of the women came to the Club to let their hair down, dressed up as St Trinians on a mufti day out, their husbands were sat at home enjoying the pleasures of sole use of their remote controls.  It was a school night technically as it was a Thursday but it was the night before Good Friday so no-one had school the next day, not even the kids.

Once the kids had been tucked up into bed, out came the old girls like they were on some kind of reunion, uniform sort of in tact, to start with at least but with a very young head on and certainly lively feet.  Food was provided and although entry was free, we all put money in for RAFA which added to the money later raised at the RAF 95th Birthday Party also held at the club only 2 weeks later. The Cocktail of the night was Long Island Iced Tea and although mixed by Nicki as a starter, it was so delicious it carried on being sold until we ran out of some of the elements of the alcohol – or was it the coke?  I can’t remember exactly; however, it went down very well along with a few Bellini’s to make use of some of the Prosecco. Considering there were only about 20 gals there (and Keith the resident DJ in his outfit) the bar took over £200 so it was definitely a profitable and enjoyable evening.  From the photographs you are probably relieved that you were not in that class at school but it must have been fun to have lessons with these reprobates in the class.  As expected from St Trinians, the black eyes came out later and then the following week stitches on the chin were nearly in order, you naughty schoolgirls know who you are!  Health and Safety are on the case.

There are more events programmed in the Danesfield Arms before the next popular night for the boys, which is being arranged by the Medmenham Early Years, details to follow!!  Girls get your remotes at the ready.

Keep an eye out on the blackboard for more events and leaflets as they are delivered through your door.

As usual PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU FANCY A POSITION ON THE COMMITTEE, Sqn Ldr Nicki Carberry-Rogers, ext 4138 (01494 494138) or on my mobile (07738 536280).