The Ice Van Cometh

Does the RAF have the manpower available at RAF High Wycombe to support another small scale operation?

Would free ice-cream encourage deployment of personnel on a sun-soaked afternoon, or would the westerly winds and persistent precipitation of a Great British Summer drive people away from the purveyor of iced delights?
These thoughts run through your mind when you are trying to organise the arrival of a Desert DPM Ice-Cream Van on station.

Operation ICE CREAM VAN is the latest initiative from BFBS in an effort to increase morale for our people detached overseas. The deal is you rock up at the van, happily receive your free ice cream, then record a message for colleagues, friends or loved ones. It would be remiss of me to neglect mentioning the efforts of many agencies in publicising the day. My thanks go out particularly to Claire in Graphics and SMF Dave (now challenging the Beckhams for press coverage), for getting that publicity wagon rolling.

So, was the day a success? How do you measure the success of such a venture? 650 free ice creams (people who came back for a second – you know who you are) and 35 messages for those out in theatres across the world seems pretty successful to me. I would like to finish by passing on our collective thanks to all those from BFBS involved in the day.