100k Charity Walk

Over the weekend of the 7th – 8th September over 6,600 adventurers walked, jogged, ran and in extreme cases crawled; the iconic River Thames Path Challenge. Of the 6,600 brave participants, five individuals from our very own station HQ dared to accept this challenge on behalf of the charities they hold dear.

The gruelling Thames Path Challenge 100km route heads from Putney Bridge past Hampton Court to Runnymede of Magna Carta fame at 50km, then on past beautiful historic scenery all the way to Henley-on Thames.

The challenge tested our steel, spirit and determination and resulted in us raising an astonishing £2715 with donations still coming in.

This year’s occasion was made even better by the tremendous support received by family, friends and colleagues. Without the generous support of our donors, friends and family this event would have continued to be a dream and not a reality.

Some of you may think, how hard can It be to walk 100km? Is it really that hard? I can do that! Well from my experience I can tell you it is no easy feat, a challenge not for the faint hearted. If whilst reading this you find yourself thinking any of the above, I extend the challenge onto you and say why not join us next year on the River Thames Path Challenge?

Sqn Ldr Sarah Lobbedy – Breast Cancer Care
‘Already looking at next year’s event!’ 

SAC Danielle Northwood – Mind Mental Health
‘Challenging yet rewarding’

WO Charly Jones – Alzheimer’s Society
‘I now UBER everywhere!’

Flt Lt Braysher – Alzheimer’s Society
“This was the first challenge of this type that I have done and it was certainly a challenge. Hitting the halfway point was, for me, quite crucial and was the point at which I had previously decided there was no turning back. Despite losing a few toenails, there was nothing that was going to stop me completing the challenge in memory of my grandma; I know she will be looking down on me shaking her head and laughing at my hobbling both during and after the walk. I’m already considering which one to do next year…”

Wg Cdr Akyildiz – Cancer Research
‘Amazing tough challenge that tests your commitment, mental strength and ability to consume your body-weight in pick & mix. Doing it for a great cause – and with fabulous team mates makes it all worthwhile.’

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