Children in Need: Fun Run

On a cold, wet, foggy November morning the last thing people feel like doing is running five kilometres, let alone paying for the privilege (or torture).  Pudsey Bear, accompanied by some mad personnel, pirates, Mr Blobby and a gladiator from HQ Air and RAF High Wycombe did exactly that.

Pudsey led the way on the first lap, proving he was more than worthy of wearing the PTI vest he miraculously acquired!  By the second lap the race was on, everybody wanting to get their hands on a trophy.  Cheered on by friends, family and colleagues everybody gave it their best, and it wasn’t long before the first male, LCpl Damian Ollivierre from MPGS, crossed the finish line.  Two minutes later the first female, Ruth Cork from Manning, sprinted through, and to everybody’s surprise, continued running to complete a further lap with the rest of the pirates.

Once everybody had completed the race it was time to present the trophies to the winners, and more importantly for best fancy dress.  With some deliberation and help from the spectators, the Station Commander chose the pirates and their ship – I’m sure some bribing with chocolate treasure went on!

Special thanks go out to Cpl Mogford, Sgt Hartley, SAC Walker and the PEd Staff for making the fun run possible.  Everybody that participated, thank you for taking part and for all your imaginative fancy dress costumes, you helped raise an amazing £175 for Children in Need 2011 (let’s beat it next year!).