Civilian and Military personnel were inspired to create a ‘human 100’ outside the Hurricane building on Site 1.

The RAF 100 Baton Relay is a key event in the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Royal Air Force.

The Baton is symbolic of the RAF’s century of service to the Nation, being made of wood, brass and aluminium – key aircraft materials throughout the ages – and holding many symbolic messages and etchings. The Baton will be visiting every region of the UK and several overseas locations from 1 April to 10 July 2018, with the Relay designed to promote the key aims of RAF 100, namely to:

  • COMMEMORATE our past by involving veterans and visiting historic locations
  • Showcase opportunities for sport within the RAF to CELEBRATE the achievements of our personnel
  • INSPIRE the whole RAF family and the younger generations.

On 3 April 2018, the RAF 100 Baton arrived at RAF High Wycombe on horseback, with Sergeant Claire Tapp handing the Baton to Station Commander Group Captain Robert Woods outside Lancaster building on Site 1.

The Baton was met by the RAF High Wycombe Station Commander upon arrival by horseback.

The Baton was also met by our VIP Mr Len Cooper, an ex-Lancaster Flight Engineer in the ‘Pathfinders’ 7 Squadron, who took part in the Peenemünde raids to destroy the German V1 and V2 rocket sites. After his aircraft was shot down over Berlin he was taken as a prisoner of war by the German’s. While in the prisoner of war camp, the Red Cross delivered many letters. Mr Cooper was joined by three other engineers: Gp Capt Woods, Wg Cdr Morris and SAC Meade.

Mr Cooper was joined by three other engineers: the Station Commander, OC ISW and a Junior Engineer. Bringing together four engineers across the generations of the RAF, with the backdrop of the iconic Hurricane and Spitfire aircraft, provided a fitting tribute to the key values of the RAF 100 Baton Relay, allowing RAF High Wycombe to commemorate, celebrate and inspire.

Mr Cooper was joined by three other engineers: Gp Capt Woods, Wg Cdr Morris and SAC Meade outside the entrance to site 1

The Baton continued its RAF High Wycombe journey with a trip to Hurricane building, where both civilian and military personnel were inspired by the spirit of the RAF 100 and created a ‘human 100’. The Baton was transported around the sites by the Stations’ new camper van (on its first outing), and throughout the day as many people as possible were encouraged to participate in the celebrations. So, while the VIPs were enjoying lunch in the Officers’ Mess on Site 2, the Baton travelled to Site 3, visiting the Station Headquarters and an RAF 100 circuits class in the gym. Later, the Manning Team ran the Baton to Wycombe Air Park, before the Station Commander completed RAF High Wycombe’s celebrations by running the Baton to the next station on the Baton’s journey.