CAS takes over Command of European Air Group


At a formal Handover Ceremony on 30 January 2014, the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshall Sir Andrew Pulford, took over Directorship of the European Air Group (EAG) from Général d’armée aérienne Denis Mercier, Chief of the French Air Force.

The event, held at the EAG’s HQ on 1 Site at RAF High Wycombe, was marked by the EAG Permanent Staff, along with the Air Attachés of each of the overseas EAG Nations, gathering to witness the signatures of the two Chiefs that would signify the changeover of Command.

Brigadier General Miguel Villarroya, EAG Deputy Director, welcomed both Air Chiefs to the EAG HQ. He noted that although the handover was taking place between two individuals, the occasion marked the continuity of a unique  organisation that had been founded almost 20 years ago. He thanked Général d’armée aérienne Mercier for his leadership in his year as Director and stated that during his tenure the EAG has seen a renaissance, growing in relevance and becoming an important player within European Defence.

Général D’armée Aérienne Mercier made reference to the successes of the EAG and looked forward to its continued work on key projects of interoperability that are of tactical and strategic importance to the seven EAG nations. Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford thanked Général d’armée aérienne Mercier for his leadership of the EAG. ‘I want to continue the good work Denis started’ he said. ‘The challenge is to continue that momentum and maintain relevance’. He went on to say that ‘value for money was vital to the business of all of the EAG nations’ and expressed his commitment to taking forward the good work of the EAG as a ‘relevant and focussed organisation that supported the nations across the full spectrum of Air power’.