Danesfield arms

Quiz Nights at The Danesfield Arms, Medmenham

Way back in July, the Danesfield Arms hosted its bi-monthly quiz night. The theme this time, set by the all-knowing Quiz Master, was the Olympics. So, how would you have fared that night?

1. Which Greek God were the games held in honour of? 

2. What did competition winners receive as prizes? 

3. True or false: women were only allowed to watch the ancient Olympic Games? 

4. Who banned the Olympic Games in 393AD? 

5. In which year were the first modern Olympic Games held? 

6. In which city were the first modern Olympic Games held? 

7. Where was the birthplace of the Paralympic Games? 

8. Which Olympic event begins when a Jury Director orders ’en garde‘? 

9. How many disciplines does equestrian have? What are they? 

10. How many days is the Modern Pentathlon conducted over? 

Well, this was just a sample of the questions we had to answer. But if you think these are easy, why not come along to a quiz night at the Danesfield Arms. They are held every other month, usually on the last friday of the month. With sausage and chips to get the digestive juices working, and a bar on hand to provide lubrication for the brain, what else could you ask for? See the raf intranet site, the noticeboard outside the Danesfield Arms or leaflets around the patch for details of the next one.

Answers:  1. zeus; 2. olive wreath, a palm branch and a red ribbon; 3. false. Not only were the competitors all male, the spectators were too; 4. The Romans (Emperor Theodosius); 5. 1896; 6. Athens; 7. Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire; 8. Fencing; 9. Three; Dressage, Jumping and Eventing; 10. One single day.