Dutch wants to be a Millionaire

Did you see Sgt Derek “Dutch” Holland representing the Royal Air Force on a Remembrance Special edition of Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Dutch, serving as a Career Manager at High Wycombe, was selected by the production company largely due to his fundraising efforts during Exercise RELENTLESS RIDE, covered by the RAF News and Wycombe World throughout the summer.

The fundraising ride raised a massive £15,000 towards the Benevolent Fund, a charity close to Dutch’s heart after the Fund provided housing for a friend badly injured and invalided from service after a mortar attack in Iraq.
Contestants from the Army and Navy were partnered up with Melanie Sykes and Hugh Bonneville respectively, with Dutch being partnered by Cold Feet and Fast Show funnyman John Thompson.  Initial nerves were overcome as Dutch passed the £1,000 barrier, but the pressure was set to mount further as a testing question required the use of both the audience and phone a friend lifelines.  As the tension mounted in the studio, Dutch and John had 4 seconds left in which to give Chris Tarrant the answer to the £50,000 question.

After the now ubiquitous pause for effect that all presenters seem to have mastered, Dutch and John Thompson were rewarded with a correct answer – £50,000 in the bag to donate to the RAFBF.
Unfortunately the klaxon horn was to beat the pair, as just after the £50,000 result was announced, the horn signalled the end of the show.  A hearty congratulations go out to Sgt Holland from all at RAF High Wycombe, from a vision of raising £10,000 just six months ago, his combined efforts have seen £65,000 go towards our service charity.

Dutch’s response to the final total?

“It’s such a shame I couldn’t have raised more.  But it does give me some ideas for my next event”.

If you work with Dutch and hear him utter the words “do you fancy helping me out on a charity event?” fasten your seatbelts – this Sgt’s enthusiasm is dangerously infectious!