Experiencing the experience

Three work experience students visit RAF High Wycombe to get a taste of RAF life.

The experience gained from the week was educational and thrilling, as they visited the RAF Regiment and the Mobile News Team under the care of the ever-enthusiastic Cpl Tony Haworth and the wider  RAF Media & Comms team.

When the three students, Sarah Rudge, Jack Risk, and Peter Farrar, first arrived on the base, they were expecting to take part in general office work and shredding. They had no idea what Cpl Haworth had arranged for them. On the first day, they were sent to the RAF Regiment to learn more about what they do. When the three entered, they were greeted by 6 guns. The Regiment guys kindly allowed them on the DCCT range, which they were very pleased about.

As the excited trio entered their second day, they were told they would be with the Mobile News Team, which includes the highly-skilled RAF Photographers, who are excellent at what they do. As the guys told them about their job it sounded like a very interesting profession. However the three were asking themselves just how hard can it be to take a photograph? They soon found out by being put to shame by Helen Farrer – one of the professional photographers!

On Thursday, they travelled to RAF Halton, where they had a guided tour around the restored WW1 trenches and Halton House.  Jack said ‘I found the whole day very interesting and very helpful for my history GCSE.’  Jack is looking for a career in the RAF but is still not sure which trade he wants to go in. Sarah said she found the whole experience very educational, ‘But it just isn’t really my sort of thing.’ Sarah isn’t too sure what she wants to do yet, but is found the whole week very eye-opening. Peter who wishes to join the RAF Regiment after 6th form said, ‘I found it interesting to know how awful the conditions were, and how different things are now.’

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Cpl Tony Haworth