Health and Wellbeing Day

The RAF High Wycombe Health and Wellbeing Day was held on 14th March 2017; the morning session in Conference Room A on 1 Site, and the afternoon in the Southdown Gymnasium on 3 Site. The aim was to raise awareness and understanding of different health-based subjects and to signpost individuals to a variety of different agencies relating to personal wellbeing.
The mixture of static displays and presentations clearly appeared to capture the interest of High Wycombe personnel, as a steady stream of people mingled and chatted to the different agencies offering their services. Throughout the morning, personnel were invited to listen to guest speakers who gave presentations on a variety of topics such as Stammering, Neurodiversity, Mental Health and Happiness. These were extremely well attended and demonstrated that there is a willingness to understand some of the pressures and differences found within the workplace and beyond.
Healthy Eating Taster Sessions and static displays on Pulse Fitness, Sports Massage and the RAF Rowing Association formed part of the afternoon, however there were also Fitness classes, which were aimed at giving individuals ideas about the different types of physical activity on offer, not only at High Wycombe, but also in the surrounding area. The turnout for the classes was excellent, and participants were treated to Zumba, Jazzercise, Beaverfit and Crossfit workouts; all of which appeared to be gratefully received.

The day was a great success, and huge thanks must go out to all those who helped and supported the event.