RAF High Wycombe’s Community Support Team provide a wide range of activities to support families of deployed personnel, ranging from social events, informal briefings and off-site visits to boost morale.

Sunday Specials have proved very popular, especially the latest trip to The Living Rainforest, where families had the opportunity to see what life is like in the rain forest, complete with birds, animals and butterflies.  Following a very informative guided tour, families took advantage of the lovely weather and enjoyed a picnic in the grounds of the play park.

Back at The Oakeshott Centre, everyone enjoyed coffee and cake while the children played in the Airplay Playspace.  Families were given the information about the new Families Deployment DVD, ‘DEPLOYMENT – FOR THOSE LEFT BEHIND’ and the link to the RAF Community Support website, where they can access the DVD as well as a range of information and resources. www.raf.mod.uk/community

Everyone then had the opportunity to use a ‘Talking Tin’ to record a short message to send to their loved ones who are away.  The lucky recipients can then record a message and send it back.  The ‘Talking Tins’ were kindly provided by the RAF Charitable Trust www.rafct.com
For more information about Sunday Specials please contact Tracey Clark, HIO, on 01494 497831, or Dani Bowman, CDO, on 01494 494470. If your partner is out of area ask to be added to our email social list so you won’t miss out on any of the events.