Link Foundation Maidenhead Relay Marathon

“Let’s run a marathon”. Usually when someone utters these magic words there follows a lot of bowed heads, silence and whispers of “Nutter”. When you utter the words, “We could do it in fancy dress as well”, it generally clears the room, unless the words “relay and only 2.62 miles” Are added.

On the 12th June 2011, 9 brave techies of C4I Support Sqn took part in the Link Foundation Maidenhead Relay Marathon, where up to 10 team members run legs of 2.62 miles each. The Link Foundation supports families in the South Bucks and surrounding area by giving children the opportunity to enjoy being children.

A, generally, fit bunch of airmen and women had their fitness finely honed in the weeks prior to the race, enjoying weekly circuits and Green PT until, at last, they were ready for the challenge. Well nearly, there was the whole fancy dress thing to consider. There were many themes put forward, from Baywatch to Gnomes, but as team captain, I had the final say and it could only be Spiderman and his amazing superhero friends.

So the day came and so did the weather. When the rest of Britain was toying with the idea of a drought, Kidwells Park in Maidenhead certainly wasn’t. Cold and wet, all the things that put me off running as a child, but with 8 others to keep the morale up, the weather was soon overcome and it was time to go to the start line.

First up for Team Red Hot Techie Peppers, were Spiderman and Cpl Lis “Catwoman” Colmey. After starting at the back, the 2 heroes got into gear, overtaking many and finishing the 2.62 miles together in 19m 10s. Next up were SAC’s Dan “Superman” Thwaites and Josh “Biggles” Hughes, known to the spectators as Superman’s mate, who finished in a fast time of 18m 20s. Next up, Sgt Chris “Batman” Parker and Cpl Dave “Robin” Stepney, finishing with flowing capes and calls of “nanananana Batman” from the kids on 21m 40s. The penultimate lap was raced by a flying Cpl Emma “Supergirl” Nixon and Cpl Mark “Zorro” Sharratt at 22m 50s. After warming up in lap one and cooling down in the rain, it was time for the return of Spiderman in a grudge match with Bananaman, Guy Renshaw. The result? A draw in a time of 17m 50s.

So how did the mighty superheroes from C4I get on? A respectable 10th position out of 41 finishing teams in a time of 3hrs 20 mins and money raised for a worthy cause. My thanks to those who sponsored us and especially to the superheroes who gave up their time on a horrible rainy day.

By Cpl John “Spiderman” Delaney