New Kitchen & Dining Room

In February 2010 a new kitchen and dining room project commenced at RAF High Wycombe with a wing of the Sgts’ Mess being demolished, assisted by Gp Capt Radcliffe, then Stn Cdr RAF High Wycombe, who pulled down the first bricks with the help of a rather large digger.

This demolition made way for the installation of a temporary kitchen for the Sgts’ Mess kitchen staff to relocate to, in order for the old kitchen to be demolished. Once all the demolition work was finished, work began on the provision of a Junior Ranks dining room and Combined Ranks kitchen that linked both the Junior Ranks and the current Sgt’s Mess dining rooms.  Work continued throughout the very harsh winter, which caused several delays to the project. However, just over a year later, the new kitchen was finally ready for the Sgts Mess kitchen staff to move into.  The staff were given one week for the move but they managed it in one day – a Sunday – so that they could start rolling out the bacon butties from the new kitchen come Monday morning.  The project is still continuing all around the new building as the external works will take a further month to complete. In the meantime, the Sgts’ Mess kitchen staff have made themselves at home in the new, state-of-the-art kitchen and are thoroughly enjoying working in a top-of-the-range environment.

By Flt Lt Sasha Lilley, SETL