RAF High Wycombe Swimming Club

RAF High Wycombe Swimming club has been running since Oct 2011, with myself as OIC.  I have secured funding from the Stn Sports Fund, for the last year, for members (of all standards) to train at Risborough Springs and have recently managed to obtain a slot at RAF Halton swimming pool on a Thursday morning from 0800-0900 hrs, with MT leaving High Wycombe’s MT yard at 0730 hrs.

The aim of the club is to enter a team annually into the water polo, diving and swimming Inter-Station Championships, where we can be competitive and, maybe, introduce some more willing and able swimmers to the RAF Regional championships, or even try our hand at open water swimming.

A team of 10 personnel visited RAF Cranwell on 15-16 November to compete in the Inter-Station Championships.  Wg Cdr Martin Rendall, Sqn Ldr Dave Hirst, Flt Lt Adi Hubbard, Fg Off Felicity Price, Plt Off Callam Pearson, Plt Off James Scarlett, FS Ed Headford, SAC Mel Findler and SAC Donna Jackson, (none of whom had ever played water polo) entered the tournament where we came joint 5th.  On Thursday evening we all took part in the diving workshop. with Sqn Ldr Hirst, Fg Off Price and Plt Off Scarlett entering the competition the next day, in which Sqn Ldr Hirst won a silver medal and the team came 2nd.  We all had at least 3 events in the swimming and entered all the relays, which resulted in the male team coming 4th and the female team 3rd.  We were extremely successful, coming in 2nd place out of 11 teams and managed to accrue a healthy 5 silver medals between us.  Our efforts were acknowledged and highly commended by the RAF Swimming Association (RAFSA).

None of us had really done RAF Swimming before and went for the experience, so to come 2nd  was a fantastic achievement.  If you are ever in doubt as to whether you should give a sports event a go, this is the perfect example that it’s always worth a go.

If you would like to be a member of the club and hopefully join in our success over the coming years, or would like to get involved in open water swimming, please contact SAC Jackson on Ext 6368 or email  Air-Ops2Gp-A3 CAG Clk. ν