RAFA Round up

As we approached the end of 2012 and I reviewed what had been achieved by, not only the RAFALOs (RAF Association Liaison Officers), but also the Station, I was amazed and very proud of what we, as a team, have accomplished, both as individuals, and through the support of everyone at RAF High Wycombe and HQ Air Command.

While I have only been in post for 9 months, I have been amazed at the success of various initiatives and the strategies that have been followed in terms of Fundraising and Recruitment.  At the time of compiling this article, I can confirm that the following has been achieved:

Recruitment: 54 new members Fundraising: Station Events £6,133.86

Other Events £13,371.79

Total £19,505.65

From the above you will see that 2012 has been a fantastic year for the support that has been given to the RAF Association.  Of course none of the above would have been possible without the assistance and backing you have provided to the RAFALOs.

In addition to the above, the relationship between the Station and the High Wycombe RAFA Branch has continued to grow from strength to strength.  This is, I believe, extremely important and has already resulted in the RAFALOs raising in excess of £3,000  through assisting the local Branch in street collections.  In addition to this, over £4,000 of the funds raised by the RAFALOs (on Station) has been paid to RAFA CHQ and will be attributed to the local Branch Wings Appeal, taking their total raised to in excess of £12,000.

You will see from the above that the RAFALOs have worked very hard and their achievements have been a result of the dedication and proactive approach that they display, both individually, and as part of a team.  From discussions with RAFA Central Headquarters, I know that they are extremely grateful to RAF High Wycombe and are very interested in how we have achieved so much in only nine months.

Unfortunately, I am due to retire from the Service earlier than planned and will be handing over the post of OIC and Snr RAFALO to Sqn Ldr Morris (OC PMS), who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the working of the RAF Association.  This will certainly benefit the Committee and I am sure will result in further great achievements in terms of Fundraising and Recruitment.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all of you, across RAF High Wycombe and HQ Air, for the support that you have provided to me personally and to my Committee of RAFALOs.  Without this, we would not have achieved what we have and I ask that you please support Sqn Ldr Morris. Thank you for all your support during 2012 and best wishes for 2013.

Phil Caswell,

Warrant Officer