Princes Risborough man, Mr Andy Weller, was lucky enough to take on the role of RAF Station Commander for a morning.

Andy won the experience in a charity auction held in the Oakeshott Centre late last year, where he bid a considerable sum for the prize that saw him tour the base and accompany the CO on his round of inspections.

After a brief presentation in the Station Commander’s office, Andy was whisked off to meet individuals from the European Air Group (EAG), the Fire Section and the RAF Regiment.

Whilst at the fire section, Andy was treated to an exercise scenario that saw him fitted out in Fire-fighter’s Breathing apparatus. He was then part of a three man team sent into a simulator to rescue a ‘casualty’. Emerging from the smoke-filled room with the fireman’s dummy in his arms, Andy certainly looked the part and was fascinated by the experience, saying:

“You can really gain an appreciation for what these guys go through in these situations.”

Moving on to spend some time with the RAF Regiment, Andy was put through his paces as he attempted to be top marksman on the DCCT. Andy last shot a rifle at school and was keen to improve on past performance:

“My teachers told me that I would never hit a target because of my poor eyesight – popping the glasses on today certainly did the trick!”

After the tour of the camp, Andy was invited as a guest to the Honours and Awards ceremony in the afternoon, where he witnessed our servicemen and women being presented with medals for operational service in Afghanistan and over the skies of Libya.