Station Commander in blue light drama

The Station Commander was recently involved in a dramatic blue light ride over Bledlow Ridge in order to reach an 87 year old patient suffering from breathing difficulties.

Riding alongside Emergency Co-Responder scheme co-ordinator, Corporal Emma Nixon (Medic) and Corporal Nick Harrison (Driver), the team were assigned by South Central Ambulance Service to the first job of the evening, and after a quick blue light run, arrived in Bledlow Ridge

Group Captain Heffron witnessed the crew taking basic observations, administering oxygen therapy and reassuring the patient, an 87-year-old female, who was having difficulty breathing. They then assisted the ambulance crew, who had arrived to back up the Co-Responder team and transfer the patient to the ambulance.

Just minutes later, the crew were allocated to their second job of the evening.  A quick dash through  Aylesbury to Aston Clinton brought the crew to a 29-year-old, pregnant female, suffering abdominal pains. After arriving on scene, the crew took basic observations and administered pain relief using Entonox, until, once again, an ambulance crew arrived to back up the team.

Group Captain Heffron said:

“It is amazing to witness the dedicated professionalism these volunteers display whilst completing life saving tasks, all in their own time, after their normal day’s work for the Royal Air Force”.

The Co-Responder team at RAF High Wycombe are actively looking for more volunteers.  If you could spare some time to learn new and exciting skills that benefit the whole community please contact Cpl Emma Nixon on Ext 4027.