Station Commander’s Cup 2015

CO’s Cup Events So Far

The 12 February 2015 saw the first of 10 CO’s Cup events that take place throughout the year. The event was Basketball and it proved to be a popular choice. A total of eight teams of more than five people attended. Each team played six fixtures and at the end of these games the final league table was concluded. A 3rd and 4th place playoff was played between the MPGS A and MPGS B teams. In what was an exciting game of high standards, MPGS B managed to come out on top. To decide 1st and 2nd place, ISW battled it out with A6. In another entertaining fixture A6 managed to fend off a brave ISW effort to win the first CO’s Cup event of the year.

Racket Sports
The second CO’s Cup event of the year was Racket Sports and was held on 26 March in the newly named Southdown Sports Hall. The Racket sports that teams would be participating in were Doubles Badminton, Doubles Padder Tennis, Singles Padder Tennis and Ping Pong. Another well attended event saw a total of eight teams participating to become top dogs at Racket Sports. The PEd Flight accumulated all the points each team scored across the disciplines and created an overall Racket Sports Table. Coming out on top were A6 with 66 points closely followed by Admin on 62. As agreed before the event there would be a 1st and 2nd place playoff in the final match of the event. In a closely fought match, A6 won Doubles Badminton and Doubles Padder Tennis while Admin took the spoils in Singles Padder Tennis and Ping Pong. This meant the overall winner would be decided on point’s difference. A6 managed to justify their position at the top of the table with a 5 points difference and thus winning a 2nd CO’s Cup event in a row.

The third CO’s Cup event of 2015 was Triathlon and took place on 30 April in the Southdown Sports Hall and sport pitches. The triathlon consisted of a 1.5km row, a 7km cycle and then a 2.4km run. Each team consisted of five people and members set off in 15 minute intervals to complete the Triathlon. Each team member had their time recorded and this contributed to the overall time of their team. This gruelling event was undertaken by no less than seven teams which was pleasing given the arduous nature of the CO’s Cup Triathlon.

With consistent performances from each member of A6 they managed to win a third event in a row by a clear nine mins from the RAF Police. Awards were also given to Best Individual Female and Best Individual Male, which were won by Flt Lt Jo Owen with a time of 30:39 and Callum Thomas who came in at 26.50.

Tag Rugby
Bad weather forced the PEd Flight to postpone the original date for CO’s Cup Tag Rugby however participants were met with glorious sunshine on Thursday 21 May. Two pitches were marked out on the sports fields and teams were made up of five people. Each team played each other twice in six-minute games. Standard Tag Rugby rules applied and despite a few infringements on the ‘No Contact’ rule, everyone managed to come through the event unscathed.

The event proved to be extremely competitive with four of the six teams achieving 20 points or more with the winners coming out on top with 27 points. For the first time this year A6 didn’t run out as winners, coming a disappointing 4th.  Only one point separated 1st and 2nd and despite a brave effort by 1Gp they were pipped to 1st place by the Regiment who form part of Admin Wing.

Thursday 11 June saw the PEd Flight bring CO’s Cup Volleyball to 1 Site Helipad for the second year in a row. The glorious weather that accompanied us throughout the day perhaps contributed to the great turn out. The competition consisted of nine teams of at least five people and the MPGS could have potentially had four teams turn out there was that many of them!

Basic Volleyball rules applied and each team would play each other once in a four minute fixture. Red hot favourites prior to the event, MPGS were always going to be in contention but it was a question of which one of their two teams could take the title. MPGS A managed to secure top spot from MPGS B by four points with 1 Gp putting in another excellent show and securing 3rd spot.

Unfortunately for A6 they couldn’t participate in Volleyball and thus have seen their once commanding lead at the top of the table whittled down to just six points ahead of Admin Wg/Regt.

Eton Dorney
For July’s CO’s Cup the PEd Flight decided to do something a little bit different and organised a trip to Eton Dorney Lake. This was the home for all the Rowing events that took place during the London 2012 Olympics and is a truly awesome venue. The events that would take place would be Raft building and then subsequent racing along with Bell Boat Racing.

After being given the briefest of briefs each team were given 45 minutes to build a raft. The rafts were constructed with planks of wood, drums and various lengths of rope. After the rafts had been built the teams competed in Bell Boat Racing. This involved six people rowing and a helmsman to steer the boat.

After three heats of Bell Boat racing it was time to race the Rafts that each team had built earlier. The race involved running to a jetty with your raft, boarding it, rowing out to a marker, turning it around, rowing back, getting the raft (or what’s left of it) out of the water and dismantling it entirely. The first team to do all of this would win. The RAFP managed to exit the water first, followed by A6, ISW, the ATC teams and bringing up the rear in their Raft of sorts were the PEd Flight. However, the race wasn’t over as each team had to now dismantle their rafts. ISW managed to get this done quickest followed by the RAFP, the PEd Flight and then A6.

The final standings after both water activities had ISW coming out on top closely followed by A6 and then the RAFP. Following the water activities everyone enjoyed a BBQ on the balcony overlooking Eton Dorney Lake. A truly fantastic end to a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.

Remaining CO’s Cup Events
10 Sep – Biathlon
08 Oct – Indoor Football
12 Nov – Dodgeball
10 Dec – Xmas Quiz