Station Commander’s Foreword


Thank you very much for your response to my request for your articles covering Station life in the last edition of Wycombe World; we have had a great response and this edition is full of articles on a range of subjects.

As you make your way through the colourful ‘green’ pages, you will see that we have had a number of visits to the Station over the past 3 months and also that we have all contributed greatly to many charitable causes. A lot of these have been Service orientated, others not, but it is right that despite our busy lives, we do remember those less well off than ourselves. It is appreciated and I know we will continue to do more of this in the coming months.

In this edition, we have also taken a look behind the scenes at a number of areas which support us all, including aspects of the Multi-activity Contract and some thoughts from the Padre. All this with the addition of a few fun activities we have been involved in, highlights the fact that despite feeling the very real effects of the SDSR, we are also keeping our chins up, are supporting each other and are having some fun along the way.

We head towards the colder parts of the year now and with that comes Remembrance Sunday, Bonfire Night and of course Christmas! We will also begin to implement the changes required here at RAF High Wycombe under CSR. Things will not be easy, but the Station is here to help; speak to us, ask us if you need something, I and my team will do whatever we can.