The Gurkha Museum

On 15th August 2013, 2 Section from the Military Provost Guard Service at RAF High Wycombe, under the Section Sgt, Sgt McShane went to visit the Gurkha Museum at Winchester.

The aim of the visit was to learn about the Brigade of Gurkhas’ service to the British Crown since 1815. The visit was divided in to three phases: Phase 1 museum visit; Phase 2 general knowledge written test; and Phase 3 to taste traditional Gurkha curry and ending with prize giving to the person with the highest score in the written test. We departed RAF High Wycombe for Winchester at 0800 hrs, arriving at the Gurkha Museum at 0935 hrs.

Phase 1: After a brief given by LCpl Gurung, covering the sequence of events for the day, we entered the Gurkha Museum. Everyone was very excited to learn about the Gurkhas’ history since they became an integrated part of the British Armed Forces under the British Crown nearly 200 years ago.  Their training to become a Gurkha soldier in the Brigade of Gurkhas, their tradition and culture was especially interesting, as was their contribution and how successfully they fought alongside British troops during the First and Second World War.

Phase 2: The general knowledge written test was set up in the museum library by LCpl Gurung. The question paper consisted of 15 questions, some more difficult than others.   Despite some questions being a bit tricky, Pte Limbu (Chaturman) managed first place with 28 points, in 2nd place was LCpl Bunce with 25 points and in 3rd place was Pte Elliott with 24 points out of 30.  Well-done to all.

Phase 3:  Lunch at the Gurkha restaurant, with the Gurkha curry proving most popular. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food and there was lots of laughing and joking. Just before dessert was served, Sgt McShane awarded the first prize to the top scorer Pte Limbu (Chaturman). Lastly, LCpl Gurung thanked everyone for coming on the training day and their hard work. We left Winchester at 1430 hrs in good spirits, arriving at RAF High Wycombe at 1600 hrs.  A great day was had by all.