The Opposite Sex

If you were around RAF High Wycombe in November, you will know that The Command Performers, RAF High Wycombe’s own Drama Club, produced “The Opposite Sex”.

If you saw the poster but didn’t see the play, you missed a great night out. “The Opposite Sex”, by David Tristram, is a comedy for adults that we performed on 2 nights in the Oakeshott Centre.

The play involved 2 couples who have something in common and a chance meeting could have made for a pleasant social evening. Unfortunately, as they come face to face, the common denominator turns out to be that they each had an affair with their opposite partner! The fun comes from seeing their initial surprise via their attempts to conceal the past and then the inevitable discovery of the affairs. It also involves a plate of fish and chips flying across the stage, a discussion of nipple abuse and a fight that ends with a vase being smashed on someone’s head. But most of all, it had really funny dialogue, which the cast performed magnificently.

As well as rehearsing the actors and obtaining all the props and furniture, performing in the Oakeshott poses a real challenge, as we have to build our set, install our lights and set up our auditorium (and take it all down again at the end). However, with the help of the Oakeshott and Hive management, we did have the time to do this (just!).

One of the props we had difficulty in sourcing was a working soda syphon – the plot required one of our cast to get squirted a few times. Pubs and hotels don’t use soda siphons any more. Fortunately, our friends in Lacey Green Productions had one in their loft, so the show could go on.

The Command Performers are affiliated to the RAF Theatrical Association and “The Opposite Sex” was independently adjudicated as part of the RAFTA 12-month Play Festival. The result will be published some time year, but the adjudicator gave us a very complimentary
de-brief after the last night.

Not only did we provide dramatic entertainment, we also provided generous amounts of cheeses and pâté as well as a complimentary drink! It was great fun and, at only £10 a ticket, it is no wonder that we had a full house both nights. Would you like to join us?  We have lots of fun – everyone can contribute.  We are always looking for members, not just actors, but sound, light, costume, props and front of house people. We are a small but friendly club. You do not need experience, just enthusiasm. Contact Ellis Artus on 01844 347818 or

Watch out for publicity for our next productions throughout 2013.