Thomas Ball Charity Bike Ride

The Thomas Ball Children’s Cancer Fund (TTBCCF) is a local charity that raises money to help children with cancer and their families.

One of the projects they need money for is to send families to Euro Disney for Christmas. This gave me the idea to organise a charity bike ride. I worked out the distance from High Wycombe to Paris to be roughly 500km. I then asked for some willing volunteers from Information Systems Wing (ISW)! There were ten volunteers, so two people each day for a week would aim to cycle 250km each. The event took place between 3rd and 7th December.

The PEd section kindly lent us two bikes from the gym, which were put in the foyer of @3 and so the challenge began! Between the ten of us we cycled 1935km, with a brilliant effort by all, especially Bri Kamara and Rob Shields, who both completed the full distance. A massive £728.00 was raised so a big thank you to everyone who donated. The ISW charity committee then topped the money up to £1000.00.

Mrs Elaine Ball, the Chairman of the Charity, came to RAF High Wycombe to collect the cheque. She explained that they have two holiday homes for families to stay in, and the money would be used to buy equipment for those.

For more information on TTBCCF visit: