Here we are, a new year with new intentions for our huge list of New Year’s resolutions. So how about trying something new that anyone can have a go at, will get you fit, you’ll meet new people and travel to interesting places???

The sport of Tug of War has come to RAF High Wycombe with a club forming at the end of last year, we are on the lookout for people (Military, civil service, Service Family members and local civilians) of any size, gender or fitness level to give the sport a go, you just need to be willing to learn, do some training and be open minded enough to throw away stereo types that the sport is exclusive to huge farmers at county shows! It is currently the fastest growing sport across Defence with clubs up and down the country competing at military and civilian events. The formed RAF teams has the added incentive that every year at least 2 get invited to enter the Royal Highland Games to compete in front of the Queen. RAF High Wycombe pullers are already showing promise in achieving a place at the games by winning Bronze medals at the Military Indoor event last November and are looking to do well at the RAF Champs in June.

The sport simply involves moving backwards for just 4 meters but like any multi person and technical sport that will involve teamwork, determination and focus. Like boxers, the sport is governed by weight categories so anyone can have a go and be good at it, the RAF has pullers weighing as little as 60kg up to 130kg, no one gets excluded. The categories include men’s, ladies and mixed teams of 8 people for normal competitions and 6 for novice and the RAF Champs.

This year will be a big one for the RAF teams who have been invited to compete at the Royal Welsh, The Royal Highland Games, The Army Champs in Germany and will host an RAF 100 event right here at High Wycombe. All the kit you need will be supplied, we have entry fees arranged and a rope already bought thanks to the PEd Flight and we have a qualified coach on the Station.

Dates for 2018 include:

Interested? Then come along to the Gym (Rugby Field) on Wednesdays (when there’s not an event on) from the 4 Apr, training starts at 1600. Or contact Flt Lt Gareth Davies, Station Training Officer on ext 7828 / gareth.davies599@mod.gov.uk