Wycombe Remembrance 2019

This year RAF High Wycombe was involved in many Services and Acts of Remembrance across the country. Whether people went back to their home town to be with family or went to places requested by the station, the remembrance weekend is a time when the words ‘we will remember them’ are echoed across our nation and in our hearts. As Station Padre I began my remembrance weekend with children who have little context within which to place remembrance and ended the weekend with a generation who had been involved in the conflict of the second world war. Across the spectrum of generations, I have been struck by all who held that silence, who shed a tear, who stilled their hearts and minds just for the briefest of moments to remember. In that moment we stand together, united in our awe and respect, humbled by those forwent their future to enable us to have ours. For me, standing to shun in the foyer of the Royal Star and Garter with a veteran of the conflict in Burma two minutes didn’t feel like enough. And two minutes, no matter how many times we may hold it across the remembrance weekend, is not enough to convey our gratitude and recognition of all who have died fighting for the lifestyle we now call ‘normal’. So, as the flashes of red poppies fade from our uniform and highstreets, may those words continue to echo in our hearts as we live a life with an attitude of gratitude…we will remember them.

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